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A Chain Reaction 

A Caylor One Shot (Pairing: Taylor Swift/Cara Delevingne-EXPLICIT)

                A chain reaction, that’s how Taylor would explain this night. Chemistry is an intriguing thing. Taylor never knows what series of events will lead to the irresistible. It’s different each and every time, always taking her by surprise. It’s like mixing all these different chemicals together, waiting for the explosion. The ingredients are never the same for Taylor. Sometimes it’s a cute boy and a brush of fingers and shy smiles. But, tonight—tonight would make every other encounter she’s had seem incredibly boring. It would make her wildest nights comparable to an old, dusty book on the back shelf that no one would even consider reading.

                This evening had been all about scantily clad women and colorful drinks that tasted like candy, thumping music that’s equally as intoxicating as the sway of petite hips in front of her. It was a recipe for something scandalous. The event’s played out perfectly, like a domino effect. Each moment knocked right in to the next. It was a seamless flow of innocence, until it was something a little more.

                She had been all smiles when the blonde model introduced herself as a fan. Even in that moment, when she was covered, Taylor’s eyes scanned over her body—the first spark. So, maybe Taylor had flirted a little. A gentle touch here and there that nobody would bat an eyelash at, she’s gotten so good at this. But, Cara’s an equal match. She doesn’t know the exact moment that they veered their newly found “friendship” into a new, more interesting, direction, but the moment they started moving on the dance floor Taylor’s mind was made up. She wanted Cara and it’s a rare occasion that she doesn’t get what she wants. It had taken every ounce of strength for Taylor to not just grab her in front of everyone and kiss her. She thinks Cara might have even let her, based on the wicked glint her eyes held as she rolled her body against her front. It was practically an open invitation to take her home for the night, so Taylor did.

                “Fuck” Taylor giggles while trying to slide her key card and unlock the door. It’s so hard to concentrate with alcohol swirling around in her head, and even more so when Cara’s mouth finds her neck, sucking on the soft skin with grazing teeth. Taylor has to bite down on her lip to keep from moaning in the all too quiet hallway. Another swipe of the card and the door handle finally gives and allows them entrance. They stumble in and Taylor falls to the couch because it’s closest. Her head falls back in a sigh of contentment, thinking about how perfectly this is all playing out so far. She lets her eyes take in the swanky hotel room. It’s probably a bit much, and yet, so fitting for this night.

                A pair of legs drapes over Taylor’s lap and she glances over to see that Cara has joined her. She’s lying down, her long body stretching out across the whole couch. Taylor lets herself indulge in a way she hasn’t all night, in fear of someone noticing. She leers, starting at Cara’s heel clad feet, up her smooth endless legs, noting that her impossibly tight dress is hiked up a little more. The curve of her hips that have been Taylor’s focus for the past several hours are accentuated perfectly, as well as her breasts that she’d gotten a nice glimpse of on the runway. When her eyes finally meet Cara’s face, she sees the model smirking at her. She figures she’s pretty used to people staring at this point. It’s a part of her profession after all.

                “You could be a model, you know?” Cara mutters while Taylor relieves her of the high heels that had her feet throbbing. Taylor laughs quietly before pressing a kiss to the top of Cara’s foot, watching her toes bend. Her lips move to Cara’s ankles and then pull them apart. “Not likely” she says before making a path up her calves and her fingertips caress the soft spot behind Cara’s knees.

“You could” Cara argues, her words a little breathy while she watches Taylor in a stupor. “You’d need some training, but you’ve got the—” Her words break off in an airy gasp at Taylor’s teeth nipping just above her kneecap. Taylor chuckles darkly, “I’d rather sleep with a model, than be one.”

As if to prove a point she makes a show of dragging her wet lips along the inside of Cara’s thigh. Snickering, she opens her legs wider, feeling Taylor push the hem of her dress up higher and asks, “So you have a thing for models then?” Taylor’s hands pause and her head tilts to the side before answering with a devious grin, “Actually, you’ll be my first.”

                Cara purses her lips and Taylor is immediately drawn to their pouty shape. Losing her train of thought on her previous task, she’s crawling up the length of the younger girl and forcing her mouth down. Cara eagerly accepts the hot slide of Taylor’s tongue into her mouth. There’s heat pooling inside Taylor as she kisses Cara with a deranged hunger, sucking on her lower lip and biting until she hears a soft sound of appreciation. That same sound tingles her ears while she trails her mouth over her jaw line and then again when she nibbles on her earlobe. She can hear the strain in her throat, trying so hard. “Don’t hold back” Taylor whispers hotly into the crook of her shoulder, “You can be loud for me.” She runs a fat line up the curve of Cara’s neck with her tongue, almost determined. The sound she elicits resonates in Taylor’s bones.

                Taylor draws back and stands abruptly from the small couch. She makes a bee line to the bed—her favorite part of any hotel room. Normally it’s a place where she lounges around while eating room service, but tonight it would serve another purpose, though, equally mouthwatering. She perches herself on the edge of the mattress, tugging off her heels and carelessly tossing them aside. Cara watches intently a few feet away, almost timid. Taylor closes the space and lifts her hair before turning her back on Cara.

“Unzip me?” she asks with a quick look over her shoulder. Cara obliges and Taylor’s breathing turns heavy at the feel of warm lips on her back, chasing down her spine as the suffocating dress falls to the floor. Turning back around they meet eye to eye and it’s a little unusual for Taylor to stand so evenly with someone, but it’s kind of nice. She eyes the form fitting dress that has been teasing her all night, “Take it off”.

                Cara rids herself of the material slowly until it’s a heap at her ankles. “Pretty” Taylor whispers, her hand finding the small of Cara’s back and pulling her in until their hips are flush. “It’s a shame they don’t let you keep that little soccer outfit” Taylor says and dips her head to mouth at Cara’s collarbone. “You liked that one, huh?”

“God, yes” She groans and gives Cara’s ass a squeeze remembering how her cheeks had peaked out from the bottom of the ‘shorts’ while she posed on stage. Taylor’s head swims once she’s back on the mattress and Cara is climbing on top of her. The younger girl caresses her sides and palms her breasts through the padding of her bra all while sucking and biting on her neck between rough kisses. There’s too much clothing for Taylor and she’s rids herself of her underwear before putting Cara on her back. She’s on a mission, straddling the girl and assaulting her skin with her mouth wherever she can. The strangled moan Cara makes when she’s sucking on her nipples has fireworks going off in Taylor’s stomach. It’s hot and desperate as she makes her way down and even uses her teeth to pull off Cara’s thong. Finally with thighs around her head, knees hooked over her shoulders, she traces Cara’s sensitive flesh. She teases, never touching where it’s most needed and watches Cara become more aroused by the second. “Fuck-Fuck me…” she practically begs between pants.

“I plan on it, darling” Taylor’s eyes are dark, never breaking contact as she starts licking. She pushes her tongue into her a little before moving up to her clit, swollen with need. Fingers tease her entrance making Cara lift her hips. “Want this?” Taylor asks, dipping into the wetness only a fraction. After a little whimpering, she sinks two fingers in all the way, working a slow push and pull. Taylor twists her fingers feeling all the heat in her body drain downward while she works Cara into a frenzy. Her knuckles are turning white as she grasps for the sheets. Taylor starts sucking on her clit again and her hips go crazy.

“Faster, babe, please. I need…” she falls off when Taylor’s fingers pump with more urgency, not holding back, “Ah. Oh, God”

Taylor lifts her head a little. Her voice is low in her throat, “That’s it. Tell me how good it feels”. Cara’s hands fist in her hair, trying to push her face back down, “so good,” she cries, “don’t stop.” From there it’s easy for Taylor to get the girl clenching around her fingers in a body rocking orgasm. She watches with a wolfish grin as the girl spams and tenses with the sensations, singing her praises the whole time.

 A lick of her lips and she’s resurfacing, peppering soft kisses on her way up. Cara’s eyes are still tightly shut and Taylor gives her parted lips a wet kiss, slipping her a taste. Cara tries to return it but her lips are lazy, so she just hums against her mouth. Taylor’s body is aching in anticipation. It’s burning in her veins and she just wants to receive as good as she gave. Cara doesn’t disappoint. She goes down on her with enthusiasm. It’s sloppy and messy, so unlike Taylor’s precise style, but she loves it. Cara doesn’t work her fingers in a steady rhythm. It’s chaotic and unpredictable and just when Taylor thinks she can catch her breath, there’s a new shock to her system. She can’t stop her hips from bucking, or begging Cara for more. She’s completely unraveled.

“Ugh. I’m going. To come. So hard. Just-” She struggles to get the words out between Cara’s sharp thrusts. The fingers are borderline painful. Her world goes dark for a moment and all she knows is Cara, “Fuck, fuck. Oh, my God!” The intense pleasure that’s searing in her belly is just too much and when teeth bite down on her clit, it all spills over and out. Her mind detaches from her body and she can only feel—feel the relief, and she wishes there was a better word, a more powerful one, because dear God. She thinks she’s melting into the sheets, while her body is drugged with pleasure. There are strange specks of light behind her lids that feel too heavy to open.

“You’re brilliant” A breathy accent brushes her ear and Taylor gives a sleepy smile, unable to speak. “I’d like us to be friends” Cara continues while stroking her cheek. Taylor manages to crack an eye open, “Can we still fuck if we’re friends?”

Laughter bubbles past Cara’s lips, “Yes, of course”.

“Friends then,” Taylor agrees before kissing her.

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