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A Leap of Faith 

A Swiftgron One-Shot (Mature Content)

Heavy laughter rings off the walls of the otherwise quiet house. It’s girly, but leaves the two blonde women breathless. Both are sitting on the floor against the cream colored sofa. The antique coffee table has been pushed away, close to the entertainment unit to provide more leg room. The taller of the two is hunched over, heaving with no actual sound escaping. The other has her head tilted back while the noise bubbles from her lips. The excessive girlish giggles are partially a product of the wine they’ve been drinking, but mostly because of the embarrassing story Dianna just told. Taylor isn’t sure how they even got on the subject of sex, but before she knew it they were sharing their worst bedroom tales.

                “Oh…My…God” Taylor manages to get out between her uncontrollable laugh.

                As the laughter subsides and her eyes blink open, Taylor becomes painfully aware of just how quiet her house is and decides the atmosphere could use a little music. Standing slowly, so she doesn’t lose her balance. She makes her way to her IPod dock that is connected to a speaker system in the living room.  Dianna watches her closely. Maybe a little too closely as her lanky friend starts to sway her hips along with a song she has found to her liking. Taylor keeps the volume soft. Loud enough that you know it’s there, but not so that it’s obstructing to their conversation. Satisfied, the blue eyed woman takes her place back next to her friend on the carpet and throws a small blanket to cover her long legs that are starting to get goose bumps from the air conditioning.

                “Okay” Dianna chirps while Taylor settles next to her. “Enough about bad experiences share some good ones!” The smaller woman exclaims wanting to keep up their current line of discussion.

                Getting Taylor to talk about sex is like pulling teeth sometimes. Now that she has some alcohol coursing through her bloodstream, the floodgates have cracked open. Dianna is very curious since everyone assumes Taylor is such a prude, but she has a different opinion about her friend. She happens to think the girls who say nothing are the ones who have the most to tell. So far she’s been pretty accurate about that prediction. Taylor’s face flushes a little deeper at the question, but her blue eyes are calculating. Deciding she trusts her friend a great deal she spills a little.

                “Honestly” She pauses to take another sip of her red wine. The liquid gives her an extra boost of confidence. “I never really enjoyed sex until Harry…”

                She doesn’t make eye contact with Dianna while she confesses. Mentioning of her ex-boyfriend makes Taylor’s face fall briefly, but she is quick to shake it off. It’s water under the bridge. Meeting her friend’s gaze again she sees Dianna cocking a thin eyebrow at her.

                “Seriously?” She asks a little incredulously. “But, you dated John Mayer! Isn’t he supposed to be like king of the bedroom or something?”

                Both giggle a little at this, except Taylor’s is more of a result of embarrassment. The curly headed girl lets her face fall in her hands for a moment before facing her friend again.

                “I never slept with John” She admits timidly. “I mean, we did stuff, and yeah, he was really good at it, but we never got that far” The singer keeps a coy smile while her friend nods understandingly.

                “So, like, is Harry the last guy you’ve been with?”

                Taylor nods her head while capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. Dianna gazes a moment too long at the plump, pink flesh her friend is tugging on, but Taylor doesn’t seem to notice or think much of it.

                “Wow, so it’s been, like, six months since you’ve gotten any real action, unless…”

                Taylor’s mind is a little fuzzy from the wine, so it takes her a moment to catch on to what her friend is insinuating. Her blue eyes go wide with realization.

                “Ew, I don’t hook up with random guys if that’s what you’re getting at” Her hand gives Dianna’s shoulder a soft shove. “So, yes” She continues a little bashfully. “It’s been about six months…”

                “Six months without anything? Nothing at all?” Dianna asks a little disbelieving. Surely Taylor has at least kissed a guy recently.

                Taylor’s expression has turned a little glum. Her eyes are tinged with a sadness that makes Dianna want to wrap the tall girl up in her arms and comfort her. She restrains herself for the time being. Taylor is staring at the beige carpet. Her fingertip draws absentmindedly on the floor.

                “Look, Di, the whole thing with Harry really hurt…” She trails sullenly and Dianna allows herself to rest a hand on Taylor’s thigh that is still covered by the throw blanket. “I’m kind of taking a break from guys for the moment” 

                “Gonna give girls a try instead?” Dianna’s tone is joking, but there is something beneath it that doesn’t go completely unnoticed by Taylor.

                Taylor laughs anyway figuring she’s imagining things. Dianna doesn’t remove her hand from Taylor’s lap. The weight of it feels heavier than it should. Taylor tries to keep her gaze on anything but the warm hand. Even if there is a barrier of cotton between it and her skin it feels odd. Dianna lets her hand slide off a little more lingering than necessary and reaches for her glass of wine. Taking a leisurely sip, she gets ready to broach a new topic.

                “Out of curiosity” The dark eyed girl starts. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

                Taylor’s eyes widen and her face flushes a light shade of pink. The color is lovely on her pale complexion and it almost makes her blue eyes a little brighter.

                “Uh, once, it was my best friend from high school and we were just being goofy. It wasn’t, like, romantic or anything” Taylor pauses to let a nervous laugh escape. “I don’t think that really counts”

                Dianna shrugs. Not giving the tall blonde a real opinion. Her eyes fall to Taylor’s mouth again. Noting the way her lower lip stands out a little fuller than her top. Surely she’s a good kisser. She has to be. The pink flesh looks so soft and delicate, like flower petals.

                “Have you?” Taylor’s voice pulls Dianna from her wonderment.

                “Oh, yeah…a few times” Dianna answers so nonchalant and Taylor stares at her disbelievingly.

                “What was that like?” Taylor asks with her voice a little strained.

                Dianna muses for a moment. Eyes drifting up and to the side while searching for the right words. The moment between them seems very fragile, like one wrong word could shatter it.

                “Girls are so…soft” Dianna says hushed and it makes Taylor’s ears tickle.

                Taylor’s breath is becoming shallower by the minute and she isn’t sure what’s causing the reaction. Her stomach is flipping inside her, like she’s expecting something.

                “Why do I have a feeling you’ve done more than just kiss girls” It’s not really a question.

                Dianna says nothing, but a mischievous grin pulls at the edges of her mouth. Her eyes turn a little darker and Taylor takes it as a confirmation. Taylor’s tongue peeks out briefly to wet her dry lips. The silence feels weighted.

                “What’s…What’s it like being with a girl?” Taylor wishes her voice didn’t sound so shaky.

                Dianna’s smile turns a little wicked and she moves in a little closer to Taylor, who has turned to face her more directly. Staring deep into her blue eyes she measures just how much the taller girl wants to hear the intimate details. Taylor doesn’t flinch from her gaze or move away, so Dianna takes that as a good sign.

                “It’s pretty amazing” She gushes quietly. “Girls know all the right places to touch. They take their time, unlike guys…”

                The words make Taylor shiver slightly. Her mouth is dry and she’s swallowing hard, trying to clear her throat. Those pale lips are parted with small puffs of air escaping. That hand is on her leg again. Although this time it’s found its way under the blanket and it’s hot against her skin, maybe even a little clammy. Taylor’s heart is beating a mile a minute in her chest and it feels like it might actually jump right out. Taking a leap of faith, Dianna presses her lips to the younger woman’s softly and timidly. Completely still, Taylor doesn’t pull away, but adjusts to the idea of her friend kissing her. Patiently waiting, Dianna is thrilled when the slight pressure is returned. It’s very brief, but the older woman smiles anyway. She keeps her mouth close to Taylor’s while she cups her thin face in her small hands.

                “Let me show you” She practically breathes the words onto Taylor’s lips.

                The twenty three year old is drowning in the moment. It’s all so strange and different and intriguing. Those lips had been so soft and smooth before. She wants to try them again. This time Taylor leans in very hesitantly, still unsure about the situation she is in. Meeting her lips gently Dianna lets Taylor control the kiss and get accustomed to it. Their lips move unhurried with light pressure. Feeling bold, Taylor slips her tongue into the other woman’s mouth, grazing her teeth in the process. Taylor relishes in the taste of her friend. It’s so sweet. Do all girls taste this way?

                Dianna reaches for her hand and sets it in her lap. Taylor shyly explores her friend’s leg under her dress. The cleanly shaved legs are definitely a contrast to what she is used to, but she likes it. The skin is so silky unlike any man she has ever touched. After a few sweet moments Dianna deepens the kiss by tangling her fingers in Taylor’s curly hair and pulling her in a little closer. Growing more confident Taylor allows her other hand, the one that isn’t massaging Dianna’s thigh, to creep up her slender frame. A tiny moan slips from the older woman as her friend caresses her side. She had been incredibly right, Taylor is an amazing kisser. The sound of Dianna moaning is surprisingly arousing for Taylor. It’s so taboo.

                Taylor flinches a little when her friends hand cups her breast through her cotton shirt. The hand is smaller and gentler than she’s used to. Even through her shirt and bra, the thumb pressing over her nipple makes her body tingle and this time Taylor’s the one moaning. Removing her mouth from Taylor’s, Dianna starts kissing her neck lazily. Taylor fists her fingers in Dianna’s hair encouraging her to keep going. Finally making her way up, the older woman’s lips press to the shell of her ear.

                “Tell me what you want…” The words are a whisper.

                Taylor doesn’t trust her voice so she covers Dianna’s hand with her own and drags it down the front of her body. They stop when Taylor has her cupping her between the legs. Taylor feels hot against her hand even through the denim shorts.

                “You want me to touch you?” Dianna asks and Taylor can hear the smirk in her voice.

                Still unable to speak, worried she might ruin the moment somehow, she simply nods her head gingerly. Dianna’s mouth presses into her neck again while working the button on the shorts. Taylor can’t stop her. She really doesn’t want to. It been months since anyone else has touched her. She wants this, needs it. It doesn’t even feel wrong. It just feels incredibly good. Her head is spinning with the rush.

                “Can I take these off?” Dianna asks looking in her blue eyes for permission.

                Again, Taylor nods and Dianna start to tug the shorts down her friend’s endless legs. She admires them and runs her soft hands along the skin. Licking her lips she removes the younger woman’s underwear as well and tries not to stare and make Taylor uncomfortable.

                “Pretty” Dianna whispers hoping to make her friend more confident.

She presses a kiss just above Taylor’s knee before moving to sit behind her. Dianna rests against the couch and straddles her legs open so that Taylor can sit in-between them. Leaning back, Taylor gets comfortable against her chest and spreads her legs open timidly.

                Taylor lets her lids fall shut and focuses on the fingertips running along the insides of her thighs. Teeth are biting down on her neck teasingly and she starts squirming in her friend’s half embrace. Her breathing becomes more troubled the closer Dianna gets to touching her where she has asked. A finger brushes gently against her wet entrance before spreading the moisture over the folds of her sensitive flesh. Taylor whimpers at the touch. The finger moves easily around her nerves, taunting her. After a few moments Taylor is completely relaxed against Dianna and her legs fall open as wide as she can manage. The finger finds her clit and she moans loudly as it flicks over it repeatedly but achingly slow.

                The finger moves with more accuracy than she is used to from another person. Always touching and pressing right where she needs it. Occasionally the slim digit slides down to her opening, delving inside her just a tiny bit before pulling back and returning to sensitive spot. That delicious burn is settling deep inside her, rising closer and closer to the surface. Dianna rubs her quickly until Taylor is so close to finishing and then goes back to the leisurely pace from before. She does this over and over again and Taylor feels like she’s being tortured.  She’s right on the edge of release, but Dianna keeps denying her the ultimate pleasure.

                “Please…I want to come…Please” Taylor’s panting while she begs.

                Her hand reaches back to dig into Dianna’s hair while the other paws at the woman’s thigh. Dianna nibbles on the younger woman’s ear and wiggles her finger faster giving Taylor what she wants. In seconds Taylor’s mouth falls agape, but no sound escapes. The fire explodes in the pit of her stomach and as it shoots out through her limbs. Taylor cries out. She comes hard, but Dianna continues to flick her softly and kiss her shoulder while Taylor comes off the sensation. 

                The curly headed girl sags against her friend, completely exhausted from the surge of her orgasm. It’s the best one she has had in a long time. There are so many thoughts and emotions swimming in her head but Taylor can’t focus on them. Her eyelids are drooping as Dianna plays with her golden curls. After several silent minutes Dianna can hear her friend’s soft breathing. Glancing over she sees Taylor has fallen asleep in her arms. Chuckling to herself she tries to decide what she should do. Feeling a little tired herself she wiggles out from behind Taylor’s sleeping body, helping the lanky girl lay out on the floor. She’s afraid if she moves Taylor any more then she will wake up from her peaceful slumber.

                Dianna covers Taylor up with the throw blanket from before and somehow manages to wedge a pillow under her head. She also crosses the room to shut off the music from earlier. When she has Taylor taken care of she lays down on the couch. Watching her friend sleep she can’t help but admire how truly beautiful she is. She silently hopes that someday Taylor finds a good man who treats her right. The sweet girl really deserves that. In the meantime Dianna didn’t have a problem with helping her friend explore new things and make her feel more confident and beautiful.


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